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Aktuell - Essentials - Saxophone

Joe Lovano - From The Soul

Listen to: Evolution

Lovano, Joe (ts); Petrucciani, Michel (p); Holland, Dave (b); Blackwell, Ed (dr)

Recorded: 28-12-1991

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aktuell34Joe Lovano - Quartets

Listen to: Fort Worth

Lovano, Joe (ts); Harrell, Tom (tp); Cox, Anthony (b); Hart, Billy (dr)

Recorded: 12-03-1994

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Joshua Redman - Beyond

Listen to: Stoic Revolutions

Redman, Joshua (ts, as, ss); Goldberg, Aaron (p); Rogers, Reuben (b); Hutchinson, Gregory (dr)

Recorded: March 1999

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aktuell16Chris Potter - Gratitude

Listen to: The Source

Potter, Chris (ts); Hays, Kevin (p); Colley, Scott (b); Blade, Brian (dr)

Recorded: 27-28 September 2000

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Branford Marsalis - Footsteps Of Our Father

Listen to: Giggin

Marsalis, Branford (sax); Calderazzo, Joey (p); Revis, Eric (b); Watts, Jeff "Tain" (dr)

Recorded: December 2001

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aktuell04James Carter - Jurassic Classics

Listen to: Take The A Train

Carter, James (ts); Taborn, Craig (p); Shahid, Jaribu (b); Tabbal, Tani (dr)

Recorded: 16&17 April 1994

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Von Freeman - The Improvisor

Listen to: What Is This Thing Called Love

Freeman, Von (ts); Raynor, Michael (dr); Allemana, Mike (g); Zara, Jack (b)

Recorded: January 2002

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aktuell36Charles Lloyd - Hyperion With Higgins

Listen to: Hyperion With Higgins

Lloyd, Charles (ts); Higgins, Billy (dr, perc); Abercrombie, John (g); Grenadier, Larry (b); Mehldau, Brad (p)

Recorded: December 1999

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Rick Margitza - Hands Of Time

Listen to: Hands Of Time

Margitza, Rick (ts); Hays, Kevin (p); Mraz, George (b); Foster, Al (dr)

Recorded: 17&18 December 1994

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aktuell03Greg Osby - The Invisible Hand

Listen to: Ashes

Osby, Greg (as); Thomas. Gary (fl, afl, ts); Hill, Andrew (p); Hall, Jim (g); Colley, Scott (b); Carrington, Terri Lyne (dr)

Recorded: 09-08-1999 and 09-09-1999

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Kenny Garrett - Triology

Listen to: Delfeayo's Dilemma

Garrett, Kenny (as); Kitagawa, Kiyoshi (b); Blade, Brian (dr)

Recorded: 1995

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aktuell01Sonny Fortune - From Now On

Listen to: Glue Fingers

Fortune, Sonny (as); Henderson, Eddie (tp); Lovano, Joe (ts); Hicks, John (p); DeBriano, Santi (b); Watts, Jeff (dr); Berrios, Steve (perc)

Recorded: 11, 12 March 1996

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Abraham Burton - Cause And Effect

Listen to: Nebulai

Burton, Abraham (ts); Hurt, James (p); Inoue, Yosuke (b); McPherson, Eric (dr)

Recorded: 21-07-1998

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