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Bebop - More Bebop

Herbie Nichols - The Complete Blue Note Recordings

Listen to: The Third World

Nichols, Herbie (p); McKibbon, Al (b); Blakey, Art (dr)

Recorded: 06-05-1955

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bebopb04Wardell Grey - Central Avenue

Listen to: Twisted

Gray, Wardell (ts); Haig, Al (p); Potter, Tommy (b); Haynes, Roy (dr)

Recorded: 11-11-1949

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Bud Powell - A Tribute To Cannonball

Listen to: Cherokee

Byas, Don (ts); Powell, Bud (p); Michelot, Pierre (b); Clarke, Kenny (dr)

Recorded: 15-12-1951

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bebopb06Thelonious Monk - In Action

Listen to: Evidence

Monk, Thelonious (p); Griffin, Johnny (ts); Abdul-Malik, Ahmed (b); Haynes, Roy (dr)

Recorded: August 1958

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Thelonious Monk - Monk and Coltrane

Listen to: Trinkle, Tinkle

Coltrane, John (ts); Monk, Thelonious (p); Ware, Wilbur (b); Wilson, Shadow (dr)

Recorded: 1958

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bebopb07Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus

Listen to: Blue Seven

Rollins, Sonny (ts); Flanagan, Tommy (p); Watkins, Doug (b); Roach, Max (dr)

Recorded: 22-06-1956

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Stan Getz - At Storyville

Listen to: Move

Getz, Stan (ts); Haig, Al (p); Raney, Jimmy (g); Kotick, Teddy (b); Kahn, Tiny (dr)

Recorded: Oktober 1951

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bebopb10Harold Land - The Fox

Listen to: The Fox

Land, Harold (ts); Bolton, Dupree (tp); Hope, Elmo (p); Lewis, Herbie (b); Butler, Frank (dr)

Recorded: August 1959

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Dexter Gordon - Go

Listen to: Cheese Cake

Gordon, Dexter (ts); Clark, Sonny (p); Warren, Butch (b); Higgins, Billy (dr)

Recorded: 27-08-1962

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bebopb11James Moody - New Sounds

Listen to: The Fuller Bop Man

Moody, James (ts); Henry, Ernie (as); Payne, Cecil (bs); Burns, Dave (tp); Wright, Elmon (tp); Forman, James (p); Boyd, Nelson (b); Stewart, Teddy (dr)

Recorded: 19-10-1948

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Serge Chaloff - Blue Serge

Listen to: A Handful Of Stars

Chaloff, Serge (bs); Clark, Sonny (p); Vinnegar, Leroy (b); Jones, Philly Joe (dr)

Recorded: 04-03-1956

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bebopb15J. J. Johnson - The Great Kai and J.J

Listen to: Side By Side

Johnson, J. J. (tb); Winding, Kai (tb); Evans, Bill (p); Chambers, Paul (b); Haynes, Roy (dr)

Recorded: 02-11-1960

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Dizzy Gillespie - For Musicians Only

Listen to: Bebop

Gillespie, Dizzy (tp); Getz, Stan (ts); Stitt, Sonny (as); Lewis, John (p); Ellis, Herb (g); Brown, Ray (b); Levey, Stan (dr)

Recorded: 16-10-1956

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