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Michael Schilp: Figur und Saxophon

Michael Schilp

Figures and saxophones, pictures of the music, of jazz, of this erotic relationship between bodies and instrument. Breath rushes through the horn, flaps are pressed, tension in the hands, pressure in the belly. Tender phrases, rolling runs, gruff Staccato. Jazz "feeling" seizes the body, strong movement. Syncope between man and saxophone. My pictures tell of moments, in which someone is lost in music. I invent figures from memories and experiences. They are my Orpheus and angels of the final judgement, they fail like Ikarus and are threatened, but they also radiate and they sing…

Michael Schilp


Born 7th december 1940 in Offenbach/Main.
1960 - 1965 study of art education ans biology at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. Optional subject painting.
Member of different jazz groups near Frankfurt and in Westfalen.
Since 1987 often cooperation with performance artits and saxophone player Frank Michaelis from Düsseldorf.
Collaboration with german jazz papper "Jazz Podium".

Homepage:  www.michael-schilp.de
E-Mail:  schilp@gmx.net

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