Jutta Lenz

Jutta Lenz

The theme has particular importance in the jazz oeuvre of the painter Jutta Lenz. Images can swing? We hear them not, but we see them, take their true soul of our eye. "Body and Soul" are inextricably linked to the artist a whole. The pictures by Jutta Lenz swing, felt. Their colors are to confess. They give the pictures power, warmth and sincerity, but also melancholy and a touch of 'blues'. The illustrations are quaint bodied, staged musical impressions. Jutta Lenz has remained with her in figurative art, with the image.

Actually wakes Lenz's vocabulary of colors, strong visual associations with scenes from Mexico and Centro America. A series of exhibitions and a series of workshops in Oaxaca / Mexico for the artist at important stations. The special effect of light in her paintings, she reaches with strong color and Tonwertkontrasten. Contrasts the artist feels as a confrontation, an effect easier to achieve aggressiveness. Thus they undermined the expectations of the viewer by using blue and green, for example, skin tones. The spatula allows her to enforce land with rhythmic accents and agogic, painting can be to score. Some aspects are distorted in their images, and exaggerated lines of flight require a dynamic.

RIAS Berlin in 1988 provides a unique showcase Jutta Lenz's latest works and engaged the former Uli Lenz Trio of Günter Lenz and Allen Blairman as a musical counterpart, acoustic images of an exhibition. The bi-media event is documented in a feature of the German TV. At the same time, the exhibition runs at the Berlin Municipal Gallery. Another TV feature dedicated to Jutta Lenz's paintings at the opening of the Berlin JazzFest 1991st

Jutta Lenz voted for the mutual influence of painting and music. Jazz is the painter as an ostinato inspiration for their work. Moments and impressions successively experienced not contradict each other longer. This perspective moves the leading European jazz label Enja Records, Jutta Lenz for the design of a highly acclaimed album covers to win. ALICE, Live at the Jazz Ost-West Festival in Nuremberg in 1990, with Maria Joao, Aki Takase and NH Ørsted Pedersen. The first edition of the album covers of more than 100,000 copies.

Jutta Lenz dedicated himself increasingly to the realization of cultural projects with jazz pianist Uli Lenz. So combine presentations with pictures of jazz concerts, jazz, painting and music equally, active dialogue form.

BBK's long-standing member Jutta Lenz leads over 20 years, a Berlin cultural center with an integrated arts school teaches, organizes and directs exhibitions.

Today Jutta Lenz worked as a freelance artist in Berlin.


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